Useful Guide to Betta Fish

If you have ever visited a pet store, I am sure you have passed by the little glass tanks with a brightly colored fish inside. Those are betta fish, sometimes called Siamese Fighter Fish and the males have brightly colored bodies with long flowing fins, while the females tend to have short fins and not so brightly colored. Most betta fish are males in the pet stores, but if you’re lucky, once in a while you will find a female.

The betta is native to Southeastern Asia and is considered a fighter fish from the name given to them by the King of Siam for their courageous nature, named after the infamous warrior clan “Bettah”. They can both breathe the air around them and breathe in water through their gills. They obtained this ability while fighting through sever environmental conditions such as droughts and floods.

Betta Fish Bowl

The betta can survive without the use of filters and aerators because they can actually get oxygen through the air and water. A betta fish tank should be no less than a two to five-gallon tank or glass vessel. Do not put bettas in vases and jars, this does not allow enough room for them to swim.

Keep in mind that a betta fish is a combative fish by nature, and they should be in a tank with no companions. They will be aggressive towards other fish. They live on betta food which incorporates blood worms, daphnia and brine shrimp. Do not place plant life for they need more nutrients from proteins and fiber.

Betta Tank Water

The water in a betta tank should be between seventy-five and eighty-six degrees and should be cleaned often; at least once a week is the minimum. Cold water can affect the immune system of a betta fish, and they like a more acidic PH balance in the water.

Life Expectancy

If properly taken care of and the water in the betta tank is optimal, and the feeding is adequate a betta fish can live between two and three years. There have been cases of several betta fish living ten plus years, but that is very rare.

If you desire to have as a pet like these beautiful, colorful betta fish, then taking proper care of the betta fish bowls and proper feeding is a necessity. Do not simply put them in a jar, they will not thrive and do not put just plant matter in the betta tank, they need more nutrition than that. If you care for your betta fish well, they will give you lasting enjoyment as you watch them flutter their fins in all their beautiful glory.