Feeding Your Bettas

Live food: Live foods can be offered, and most bettas love them. Large grindal worms, fruit flies, blackworms, mosquitos and mosquito larve are some of the more popular live foods. These can be used when alternating with Hikari Betta Bites, or if you have a large enough selection of live foods, these can be the only foods fed to the betta.

The most important thing about live foods is making sure they are free of disease and parasites that might attack your betta. We feed and highly recommend live California Blackworms, which can be found at http:///www.aquaticfoods.com . LCB’s provide complete nutrition for the betta, and the fish love them. We feed solely LCBs, and they thrive!

For best health, your bettas should be fed a variety of foods. Hikari Bio-Gold Betta Bites should be at least 50% of their diet. Hikari Bio-Gold provides complete nutrition, and is the best pellet food out there. The rest of the bettas diet should be a mixture of foods. In our bettas, we feed them freeze dried (FD) bloodworms, FD brine shrimp, FD daphnia, frozen brine shrimp, and two other types of betta pellet. Other pellets are still nutritious, but none surpass Hikari (no, I don’t work for Hikari, I just know they make good stuff!).

When feeding your betta, you want to remember the bettas stomach is about the size of its stomach. Bettas can get by wonderfully with one feeding a day. If you want to keep your bettas in breeding condition, feedings should be increased to twice a day. Breeding condition mean simply that at any time the bettas can be put in the spawning tank. If you don’t ever plan to breed your bettas, you should not keep them in breeding conditions. Breeders sometimes walk a fine line between having conditioned bettas and overweight bettas, the latter being dangerous to the betta.

When feeding your betta once a day, alternate at least one other food (bloodworms are the favorite) every other or every three days. Replace the meal of Hikari Betta Bites with another food. This should keep your betta happy and looking forward to mealtime, since it will never know what kind of food is coming that night!

If you plan to breed your betta, then alternate the second meal of the day with food besides Hikari Betta Bites. We do this with ours and have great success with it.