Classes – Rogue Legacy 2 Guide

Classes – Rogue Legacy 2 Guide

Dictating the weapons and talents your character has are the Classes of Rogue Legacy 2. From the Start, you have access to the Knight, your traditional

Rogue Legacy 2 Worst Classes

Rogue Legacy 2 Worst Classes

With 15 classes in Rogue Legacy 2, there are plenty of options available. However, not everything is created equal because some classes feel much more prepared for the journey. In Rogue Legacy 2, no matter your play style, there is a class for you. Here are the top 5 best…and worst classes:
Worst 5 Classes

Dragon Lancer

Weak weapon and weak talent is enough to get this one near the bottom of the list. Obviously the weapon is a lance that you can charge and fly with. It gets you into more trouble than it does good and the talent is a bastion that destroys mid sized projectiles but RL2 isn’t a defensive game.


This is basically a fencer that can roll. Even though you are fully immune while rolling the level design doesn’t seem to fit this ability to make enough use of it. As for your fencing sword, the range feels laughable and you don’t have any direction like some of the other classes. You always wear a feather in your hat, which will always get you to the bottom of any list.


The Valkyrie uses a pole blade type weapon that can attack in up and down as well as left and right which is great but the deflect is less than ideal as you are constantly dodging fireballs and arrows to take the time to counter an attack. Add this to just average health and you’ll be near the bottom.


If it wasnt for the Dragon Lancer, I would easily say that the Boxer is arguably the worst class is RL2. This is another class that requires close engagements. The rapid punches stack up your KO special but most of the time it feels underwhelming. Sure you can sometimes juggle enemies with an uppercut attack but with the slow cool down of the special plus over lacklustre everything, the boxer should stay down for the count.


As you would expect the assassin needs to get up close and personal to do damage with their short blades. Three strikes can inflict a lot of damage quickly with the third strike being a critical hit but the range is very short and doesn’t do proc any status effects. Their talent is to disappear into the shadows, which can be decent but the cooldown on the skill is too slow and requires you to do damage to activate it again. Worst of all you can’t attack while cloaked or it will end. Add all this up with lower health and you have a less than desirable class.

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Rogue Legacy 2 | Beginner progression guide

Beginner Progression Guide to Rogue Legacy 2, with detailed explanations of most of the games systems that a new player will be interacting with.
including but not limited to,
Most room types,
The first 3 heirlooms,
The first boss and how to unlock it,
Relics, puzzles and the Player HUB, which included traits, and the castle, blacksmith and enchantress progression systems,
House rules and an assortment of tips beginners may find useful.

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Rogue Legacy 2 (1.0) : ALL BOSSES + ⚔️ Ending【 No Damage / Different Classes | NG 】

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