Betta Fish History

For hundreds of years, Siamese fighting fish have gained a large amount of attention for their beauty. There has always been people who adored and desired them for one reason or another. From children to kings, the Siamese fighting fish history is full of people who sought them. Even down to their name, their personalities and appearance have become famous all across the world. You can find them nearly everywhere because of the love people have for the fish and all it has to offer.

The origins of Betta behavior can be traced back to even before the 1800s when villagers held fish fights. In those days, Betta fish were mostly bred specifically for fighting. One of the key points of Siamese fighting fish history is the licensing of fish by the King of Siam (The King of Thailand). He took part in the fights by having fish that were supposed to be better, and that had the official licensing to prove it. When foreigners came his way, he used one of the prized fish as a gift.

As knowledge of these fish grew, as did the appreciation of their beauty. People all across the west learned of the Betta and adored their appearance. Demand for the fish grew, leading to a large number of fish for sale around the country. Today, people still adore Betta fish. They are a gorgeous species that make for perfect tank fish. While fighting has gone down significantly, the numbers and admiration stay up.