Betta Fish Care Taking Care of Betta Fish Water Temp

As the owner of betta fish, we need to know about the betta fish water temp in the aquarium that can make betta lives healthy. Betta fish is an aggressive colorful fish that can be found in tropical climate that requires warm water in the habitat the betta fish live in. Betta fish can be found in the rice paddies country in some of South East Asian. Because of it, the betta needs warm water in an aquarium to support this kind of fish live healthy. Some kinds of betta fish are sensitive with the temperature of the water in their habitat; it is also applied to betta fish, the aggressive beautiful colorful fish.

The Appropriate Betta Fish Water Temp

Betta fish needs warm water in its life to make the betta fish healthy. Betta fish water temp is very fundamental aspect in the way of taking care of betta fish. When the temperature of water doesn’t be obeyed by the owner, it goes without saying that life of betta fish is shorter than the one who carres about the temperature of betta fish water.

The betta fish usually life in the ideal water temperature. The ideal water temperature for betta fish is about 75 F until 82 F. Keeping the betta fish water temp is important for betta’s life. In order to do that, so many owners of betta fish use heater to make the temperature of water in the aquarium stay warm. But in the tank that contains less than 5 gallons of water, it doesn’t need to be heat because it can make the fish cooked and killed.

The use of heater to keep the water temperature stay warm can only be applied if the tank contains more than 5 gallons of water, so it doesn’t make damage for the betta fish.