Betta Charts

Betta charts is my page for general genetics and other betta charts.

                                      Dt v. St
 Dt X St Single Tail Male (no dt geno) Double Tail Male
Single Tail Female(No Dt Geno) All Single Tails 100% St(With Dt Geno)
Double Tail Female 100%St(WithDt Geno) 100% Dt

The most important thing to remember is that charts can always vary.  Certain fish can have hiden traits that might affect the appearence of the fry.

The next chart is a basic demo on the dominate coloration.

 Red X Blue Red Male Blue Male
Red Female  Red Multicolor
Blue Female  Multicolor Blue

Since Red and Blue are both dominate colors, when mixed, It will produce Multicolor bettas that are either red based with blue wash or blue based with red wash.